To use Bb, or not to use Bb

In her blog post ‘Google Apps for Education: When Will It Replace the LMS?’Posted on April 26, 2012, Audrey Watters enthusiastically rings the death knell for Blackboard.  She points to CSU’s lackluster use of Blackboard(Bb) as an example of extreme wastefulness.  Most the Bb tools used have free or open source software counterparts. While Bb tools could be replaced, more creativity, effort, motivation and desire must accompany the use of tools not out of the box.

If an LMS like Bb wasn’t available and supported, would there be an online element in as many classes? As plodding as it sounds having most everyone on the same page is easier. Support can be done by many people throughout the college. As it is we send students here and there to get answers . can you imagine the run-around and the new blame game? Training can be more comprehensive.  We do not do a bang up job with one option for online issues as it is. Do you really think we can do train and support disparate solutions as well as we ought?

Having a common challenge is uniting. Bb offers common challenges. Your office neighbor can offer solutions and commiserate with you.

Technology Advisory Council

City Colleges first Technology Advisory Council meeting was held today.  It was a great meeting.  The Council is comprised of an awesome group of outspoken Faculty and Staff that will most definitely provide us with insight that can help us to strengthen our technology offerings and platform.  Great beginnings!!

Technology Advisory Council Kick-Off Meeting is Friday, March 23

The kick-off meeting for the  Technology Advisory Council (TAC) is this Friday, March 23 from 9 – 11 am at District Office, 226 W. Jackson, 2nd floor.

The TAC will enable City Colleges of Chicago faculty and staff to be more involved with technology decisions, and came about as a direct result of feedback to our new CIO Arshele Stevens as she introduced herself to stakeholders throughout the district.

Check the TAC website for a list of current members and the annual meeting schedule. The meetings will rotate to different locations throughout the district.

The agenda for tomorrow’s meeting will be as follows:

  • Welcome (Arshele Stevens)
  • Introduction of TAC Members
  • TAC Website
  • OIT Blog
  • CCC website feature pages
  • PeopleSoft/Blackboard student class lists for grade book purposes
  • Classroom management tools
  • Email Retention Policy
  • Support for Students
  • Technology Education Fair
  • CCC Mobile App
  • Office 365