Electronic transcripts empower students for academic success

Transcript publication and sharing are merely a few clicks away!  Last month, OIT, in conjunction with Students Affairs and Parchment, Inc. for the Docufide by Parchment platform, developed a resource for generating electronic transcripts.  The resource allows students to order and electronically send their transcripts to other educational institutions.

Network refresh success

The network refresh project closed last month after successfully installing throughout the district 445 new switches to replace and re-purpose outdated infrastructure.  In addition, 370 wireless access points were installed to improve wireless connectivity coverage and throughput.  The district’s edge network routing was also upgraded to a faster and more robust protocol.

Self-service unveils paperless functionality to verify outside employment

Due to collaboration between OIT and other district departments, faculty and staff may certify their outside employment via PeopleSoft self-service, rather than utilize manual processes.   The new online functionality also allows employees to enter multiple outside employers, rather than be restricted by the paper forms that allowed information for only one outside employer to be entered.   New programmed advance reporting capabilities allow the Human Capital Management organization to report on the collected data at both the summary and detail levels.

Automated processing enables management of SURS deduction limits

Earlier this month, OIT collaborated with district stakeholders to automate the manual process for ensuring that SURS contributions do not exceed the fiscal year limit.  Individual departments can now manage SURS limits by utilizing a customized report and process, both of which were created by OIT to provide a workaround for system functionality that did not accommodate for fiscal year deduction limits.

Collaboration with the CIOs at other city agencies to identify technology purchasing synergies has begun

This month, CIO Stevens, in collaboration with the City’s CIO Jason Dahon and CIOs at other city agencies, participated in the kick-off meeting for this initiative. Coordination across city agencies to identify technology products and services will produce overall better purchasing results. Future coordination meetings will focus on collaboration, and data gathering and analysis