Dr. Dre Beats Audio HeadPhones

You have to get a pair of these headphones if you are into music and quality sound.  Great sound, good bass and you can really hear the music as it is produced at the studio.  They are very obvious and visible (looks good also) so if you like technology that blends in, then these headphones are not for you.

A bit pricey but I would highly I would highly recommend them.


iPads or Laptops

If you could buy one mobile device for a student would it be an iPad or a laptop?  Now that Ultrabooks have been released, weight is less of a factor and they are more functional because of the multiple input options (flashdrives, SD cards, HDMI, etc.).  iPads are great but a laptop may offer a bigger bang for the buck (they still don’t support flash, so there is some compatibility issues as well).  Also, some manufacturers are going to offer touch screen functionality in a laptop form factor as well.  So you have $800 bucks, what do you buy/recommend for a student?