“Liberate 250K”- OERs save students money

A Wikiversity Logo for Open Educational Resour... A Wikiversity Logo for Open Educational Resources. It was first used for the German OER-project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Textbooks can be very expensive.  Tacoma Community College is using Open Educational Resources(OERs) to allay some this cost.  They are already saving students thousands of dollars. Their goal is $250,000 in savings for students by Academic Year 2014.  In first two quarters, they have saved student $128.000.Using OERs faculty at Tacoma Community College are discovering replacements for their textbooks.  oer project – home.

Watch this video of the faculty who are making a difference in their students’ lives. Spoiler Alert! There is a bonus for the faculty, too.Faculty on OER in Teaching

The article outlines the courses and savings this pilot has netted: ‘Liberate 250K’ – Tacoma Community College’s OER Project

Information on OER
OER Finding Aids

If you are interested in incorporating OERs in your classes and you would like some assistance, please contact me.

I wonder what is the effect on learning?


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