Outlook 2010 is fully functional for CCC

As of April 30, 2010 the last college and District office went live with Offic 365 using Outlook. OIT is available for all users at the colleges and District, with support always avaible by calling the OIT helpdesk at 312-553-2600.

WYCC is the last location to be migrated to Outlook which will be done by the end of May.  To view the FAQ’s and training information, go to http://ccc.edu/Office365

To use Bb, or not to use Bb

In her blog post ‘Google Apps for Education: When Will It Replace the LMS?’Posted on April 26, 2012, Audrey Watters enthusiastically rings the death knell for Blackboard.  She points to CSU’s lackluster use of Blackboard(Bb) as an example of extreme wastefulness.  Most the Bb tools used have free or open source software counterparts. While Bb tools could be replaced, more creativity, effort, motivation and desire must accompany the use of tools not out of the box.

If an LMS like Bb wasn’t available and supported, would there be an online element in as many classes? As plodding as it sounds having most everyone on the same page is easier. Support can be done by many people throughout the college. As it is we send students here and there to get answers . can you imagine the run-around and the new blame game? Training can be more comprehensive.  We do not do a bang up job with one option for online issues as it is. Do you really think we can do train and support disparate solutions as well as we ought?

Having a common challenge is uniting. Bb offers common challenges. Your office neighbor can offer solutions and commiserate with you.

Instructional Support Blog at Wright

Flipped Teaching = traditional classroom based teaching and “homework” time are reversed.  Lectures, readings and videos can be delivered prior to class. The students can discuss and do activities based upon what you learned.

Isn’t this an old concept with new delivery methods? Read before class and we will discuss is now view or listen to the class lecture and then we will discuss.

Good in theory, but does it work in reality?  A general rule of thumb for college classes is that you should expect to study about 2 to 3 hours per week outside class for each unit of credit. Do students really devote themselves to homework for these prescribed hours?  Or does everyone think that is a good rule for somebody else?  We are all special just like everyone else? I was probably one of the worst offenders devoting myself to ‘homework’ time when it was convenient…

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Instructional Support Blog at Wright

I love Ted Talks. These funny, inspirational, thought-provoking talks are often my go-to source for refocusing myself.  I use these light, informational videos to inspire, educate and enlighten.

Ted Ed ties these and other videos to online interactions.  With Ted Ed’s suite of tools: videos, quizzes. and conversational prompts, these learning modules exist premade, customizable or blank for you to mold it to suit your own needs or style.



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