Jing is powerful little desktop application that copies and pastes parts of screen into image or video. I use it to provide swift, specific support.

It is often said  ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’  Using Jing, I can use less text if I use pictures.  Pictures can offer reassurance that everyone is looking at the same thing.  It is easier to help remotely if we are at the same place.

Jing is the Chinese word for ‘essence.’ Being allowed to capture a portion of the screens and the five minute video limitation, it captures the essence of the solution provided.   Instead of showing a generic video that offers some support and a lot of extraneous information, Jing allows me to capture portions of the screen for quick, explicit directions.  The Jing sunburst sits on desktop ready to use with the click of my mouse.

Try Jing! http://www.techsmith.com/download/jing/

by keningilbert on May 14, 2010


3 thoughts on “Jing

  1. I like this tool. It’s pretty useful and free. If you like to get more creative there are a lot of tool our there but Jing is definitely a good tool to have.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Jing. I installed it a few weeks ago and have found myself using it at least once a day to clarify issues and questions that I’m discussing via email.-AB

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