Office 365 Project has begun…Outlook is soon to come for all of CCC

The Office 365 project is well underway with the District Office OIT department and the Reinvention team as the pilots for the migration.

What is Office 365? Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of collaboration tools that includes Exchange hosted e-mail service and uses the Outlook application to access email. CCC is first implementing Exchange/Outlook 2010 with possible future plans to implement other Office 365 services.

There are two phases to the Office 365 project.  First, there is the email purge.  To ensure compliance to the email retention policy, OIT purged all Groupwise mailboxes down to one year of email.  Any older email can now be found in the CCC Email Archive.  Training and the OIT Helpdesk support is available to assist in using the Archive.

The second phase is the email migration from Groupwise to Outlook 2010.  This will continue, campus by campus until all postoffice mailboxes are migrated to Office 365.

To read up on the status of the email migrations, view training documentation, read FAQ’s and other detailed information on the Office 365 project, go to


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